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Living the Wordlife

More than just memorizing Bible verses, the Wordlife is about His Word planted so firmly in our head and so deeply rooted in our heart that it oozes out of our life. The more we get The Word in us…the more we live for God’s glory, the more our heart beats with His, the more we are transformed from the inside-out.

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We plant one short Bible passage in our lives every week. Monday through Friday you get a new daily two-minute teaching video digging deeper into the weekly passage. Each video also includes a small doable challenge for each day to help you live what you learn. With the Holy Spirit working through The Word, by the weekend the passage will be in your head to stay, taking root in your heart, and starting to bear fruit in your life.

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What If...

What if a year from today, over 50 Bible passages were firmly planted in your head, deeply rooted in your heart and producing fruit through your life? What if a year from today your desires, passions and plans had become more aligned with God’s purpose for your life? What if you became known as the man or woman who brought Words of Life from scripture to every situation? Fill your life with His Word and watch God work in you and through you. Get started living the Wordlife today.

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